Frequently Asked Questions

Printers General
NOT PRINTING - "My Printer will not print."

  1. Firstly check to make sure all connections are fitted correctly and the power lights are on the PC and printer.
  2. Make sure you have paper in the printer and it is switched on and on-line.
  3. Check under Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes that the drivers and port are set correctly.

Note: LPT ports for Parallel printers and USB00x ports for USB printers

If you have no power light check the fuses

If your Printer still isn’t printing, then it could be a driver problem. After checking driver set-up above, reinstall the drivers using your original disks or direct from the web.

If after completing the above your Printer still won’t print then contact our Technical Support Team.

OKI Dot Matrix Printers
NOT PRINTING - "After printing for a while my Oki Dot Matrix stops and the menu light flashes."

This is due to the print head becoming overheated, which also gives an over temperature message.

Allow the printer to cool down for a while.

If the problem re-occurs after only a few pages the print head may need to be changed.

NOT LINE FEEDING - "My printer doesn’t Line Feed or Line Feeds incorrectly."

This is usually caused by wear on the main Line Feed Gear which is on the left-hand side of the printer.

To check if these are worn, turn the platen knob on the printer. If the gears are meshing incorrectly or are broken you will need a new Gear Kit. Please contact us for price & availability.

OKI Laser Printers
PAPER JAMMING - "My Printer keeps stopping and jamming."

The most common fault is the paper pickup rollers have become worn.

Firstly try replacing these rollers.

If the fault still occurs the paper sensors inside the printer could also be faulty.

REPLACE DRUM MESSAGE - "I’ve changed the drum on my OKI printer and I still have the change drum message."

You need to reset the drum counter. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Turn the printer on whilst holding down Menu button. (Display says user maintenance.)
  3. Press the menu button three times. (The display will say drum counter reset.)
  4. Press enter key. The system should go back on line, if not press on-line key.
FAINT PRINT ON LED PAGE PRINTERS - "Either part of or my entire document prints very faint."

Firstly try cleaning the LED array with a soft tissue. The array is located on the underside of the lid that you tilt up to gain access to the Drum and Toner cartridge.

If this doesn’t work try removing the drum cartridge and gently shaking from side to side. Take care that toner doesn’t spill onto yourself. If the fault still occurs then change the Toner cartridge, or change the Drum and Toner cartridge. Please contact us for price & availability.

OKI LED PRINTER ERROR MESSAGE - "My OKI LED printer is displaying error message 71, 72 or 73."

Your printer has detected a fuser error. Turn the printer off and then on again. If the problem re-occurs then replace the fuser unit.

Settings & Error Displays - Laser

Laser printer Menu Settings and Error Displays detailed below are in PDF format.

OL10ex Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL10i Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL1200ex Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL12i Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL16n Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL20n Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL20n Duplex Error Displays
OL400 Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL400e / OL400ex / OL410ex Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL6e / OL6ex Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL610ex Error Displays
OL800 Error Displays
OL810ex Error Displays
Menu Settings
OL8c Error Displays
Menu Settings